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Description : In a matter of months, Nay and Tank’s relationship was flipped upside down. With their son missing and his mother dead, the duo tries to keep their relationship together all while trying to find out who’s responsible for all the bad things going on around them. Things get even more hectic once another man steps in Nay’s life. Tank doesn’t like anyone new sniffing around and starts his own investigating.

Persian and Neek are trying to work on their trust issues, but Neek still has some sneaky behaviors that Persian can’t let go of. Neek does the unthinkable after having the baby. Neek feels that Persian will take her back no matter what she does. Persian shows her another side.

Breya and Dre are living the happy life until Blake, his ex-wife, disrupts their happy home. Breya and Dre deal with loss and making their blended family work. As long as their love is strong, they can make it through anything, even Blake.

Craving a Young Thug's Touch 2

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