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Description : After spending three years in foster care, Rielle finally ages out of the system and is ready to find her way in the world. Her mother being sent to prison causes Rielle to start battling depression, but despite the dark hole that she tries to overcome daily, she begins her journey into adulthood with little obstacles. That is until a visit to her friend's apartment in the projects pushes Rielle into a darker place than she's ever been before. The support of a new person in her life is enough to keep her from going completely over the edge, but is it enough to keep her from completely self-destructing?

Hussein Jacobs wants the finer things in life, and he's willing to work for them. He knows how it feels to have nothing, but he doesn't want to risk his freedom to get what he wants. Completely satisfied with living a modest life and having a simple relationship, he's prepared to work hard at staying out of the streets until a long lost family member starts to entice him with an opportunity that not many would turn down.

Rielle's friend, Trisha, is the complete opposite of her. A wild child from the hood, like Rielle she came from foster care, and now that she's grown, she wants it all. The first thing on her list is the sexy, rich, Rico Carter. He is already spoken for, but that's not enough to deter Trisha. She wants her man and plans to get him at any cost, but once she finally does, she realizes that she bit off way more than she was prepared to chew. From a distance, the hustler lifestyle seems like a lavish one, but there is drama, lust, betrayal, and revenge at the center of it all.

Rielle and Hussein: A Hustler's Fairytale

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