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Description : Secrets, secrets, secrets!
Lourdes has a kid, or does she? Lance is responsible for Derrick’s death, and Nell is crushing on someone close to home.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger seems to be the motto that Lourdes lives by, but unfortunately for her, life keeps happening and testing that theory. Will Dom be able to accept Lourdes regardless of her past, and will he find out that Lance is the one who took his brother’s life?

Nell has a thing for Joss, but will she see the man in him, or just the reckless kid whose sole mission in life is to party and get high?
Cobra is coming real hard for Dom, but is he legit? And why is this fight so important to him?

Nasen and his wife just won’t leave well enough alone, but will that greed put them both on the losing end of a bad situation?

Lourdes is tired of running and willing to open up to love, and Dom is determined to make her his. But they both have pasts that seem to challenge their relationship. Find out if they figure out how to make it work, or will they both be left simply Feeling Some Type of Way.

Feelin' Some Type of Way 2

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