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Description : You never know what a person goes through until they tell you about it. Kandee has been through the wringer for the past eight years. The pain and torture Kandee endured were unspeakable acts caused by family members; one in particular was her cousin.

When her son is faced with a near death experience, she realizes how much she’s missed out on his life. She decides that she wants to be there and raise him, but she doesn’t realize the obstacles she will have to go through to make that happen.
Rania has gotten attached to Landon, having stepped in and acted as a mom in her sister’s absence. She is not about to allow Kandee to take Landon away from her and she will stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way. Will Rania finally allow her sister to raise Landon?

Lennox finds himself head over heels in love with Kandee. Unsure of her feelings for him, he holds off on revealing his true feelings to her. The more time they spend together, the deeper he falls. However, Kandee hasn’t given him any inclination that she feels the same way. Will Lennox get Kandee to reveal her real feelings for him?

Mike has been ducking and dodging his ghosts of the past for a long time. He has been lying to Simone about his relationship with Kandee, but she won’t stop until she finds out what he is hiding. With only four months left to deliver, will Simone find out the truth about Mike? Or, will he continue to deceive her?

Find out this and more, in the Finale of She Puts the R in Ratchet 3

She Puts The R In Ratchet 3

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