I'll Ride For My Hood: A Salty Love Story Download Kindle

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Description :                                       HOT NEW RELEASE...
***This is a Spinoff from the Salty Series; Not a Continuance.***

      A few chicks will do anything to claim a spot in Hood's heart, but he isn't feeling the thirst buckets like that. Hood doesn't mind hitting when it's convenient for him, but there's one he can't stand. He hates Asia with a passion and the messed up thing about it is, she used to be the love of his life. Asia see's it like this, if Hood wouldn't have ever betrayed her she wouldn't have hooked up with Satan (his ex-homeboy) and things wouldn't be the way the were, but most importantly her mother would still be alive.
After getting revenge on Hood and disappearing for a few years, Asia and Satan are back in 'Sac' (Sacramento, California) and brought back bags full of drama. Obsolete to the fact that there are a few females that are willing to Ride for their Hood, will Asia and Satan's drama backfire in their faces?
Paris is a chick that Hood would have never imagined feeling anything for. Paris comes into his life full of surprises and before he knows it, he finds himself head over heels for her. Paris and Hood may get their perfect love story, but what will they have to endure in order to get it? And when they get there, will her undisclosed dealings with the Fed's push him away from her?
Hood isn't the only one with drama, his boy, Scrap and his wife, Irene has drama of their own. Find out what happens when a wife gets tired of her cheating husband. Will he man up and act right or will Scrap lose Irene forever?
This explosive read by Aleta L. Williams, is full of lies, secrets, and loads of drama.

I'll Ride For My Hood: A Salty Love Story

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